I paint not to reproduce reality but to unearth a universe of true intensity and colour. As we move through life, it changes and moulds us; our experiences shape our perception of ourselves, the world around us and our artistic creations. Colour and lines are my inspirations. I see the world around me and translate it into shapes, forms and brush strokes; together with colours, they are akin to music scores: the deep crescendo, the calmest pianissimo — the multi-layered, polyphonic melody of images takes over and bursts onto the surface. Like a theatrical piece, each of my works is a performance: unique and improvised, it strives to engage the viewer in a very personal conversation. On the surface, you see only a fleeting moment depicted on the canvas but if you let your mind wonder into the subconscious, you may discover memories of long-forgotten sounds, smells or feelings that the forms, lines or colours awaken in you.

Art is a great healer, for those who create it and those who immerse themselves in it. I have always been an optimist. I see the beauty of even the most ordinary and uninspiring objects, I feel the happiness, I hear the music and I smell the most exquisite aroma of brightness and serenity. To me, art is an interpretation of emotional experiences and ‘emotional understanding’. In my paintings and drawings, through the rhythm of their sounds, colours, lines and forms, I create a world that is real, yet imaginary, where I can express what I see but cannot convey simply in words.

One Russian philosopher once wrote: «For the artist, the phenomenal world is merely material – just as colours for the painter and sounds for the musician; it is only a means for the understanding, and the expression of his understanding, of the noumenal world... The mystery of life consists in the fact that the ‘noumenon’, i.e. the hidden meaning and the hidden function of a thing, is reflected in its ‘phenomenon.’ The phenomenon is the reflection of the noumenon in our sphere. The phenomenon is an image of the noumenon... The reflection of the noumenon in the phenomenon can be sensed and understood only by that subtle apparatus which is called the ‘soul of the artist’.»

I embrace the unknown and transform the familiar. My art is a mirror of your deepest thoughts and inspirations because I have left a place in my paintings for each one of you, who is willing to undertake the journey into your inner self.